Task creation in ned or moe

Stark, Josef j.stark at tum.de
Thu Jul 31 11:09:41 CEST 2014


could maybe someone kindly explain to me (roughly), how task creation/startup is done in ned or moe? I assumed that the Factory methods create_task() and create_thread() would be used, but instead it seems that Elf_Loader is used for this. I skimmed through this class but I don't fully understand it. Basically, it seems that moe's call "elf_loader.start(_init_prog, cxx::String(""));" (in file main.cc) leads in the end to this call: "Ldr::Elf_loader<Moe_x_app_model, Dbg>::launch(&am, "rom/l4re", ldr);" (loader_elf.cc). So, to me it seems that just l4re gets started, not the desired binary (ned), but clearly I am missing something (a lot) here (because it actually works the way it should). Could someone enlighten me here?
And why aren't create_task() and create_thread() used here?
(In this text I am referring to moe, but in ned I couldn't find these two methods either.)
Thanks in advance!


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