seL4 boot issue

Jorge Ventura jorge.araujo.ventura at
Mon Aug 4 02:58:58 CEST 2014

I am trying to boot seL4 on beaglebone white. I have an initial code just
to configure the DDR2 memory at range 0x80000000-0xbfffffff.

As we can see below, the start address is the virtual address 0xf0000000
but at this point I have no MMU configured. I was thinking that the segment
.boot should be the code to prepare all details about MMU/D-CACHE/I-CACHE
but it's not what gdb is understanding based in the elf header.

Someone could explain to me how to boot this kernel; what do I have to
consider. I guess that beaglebone is not supported but this is exactly my
goal, to make seL4 boot on beaglebone.

Any help or suggestion is very welcome.

Jorge Ventura

(gdb) load kernel.elf
> Loading section .boot, size 0x10000 lma 0x80000000
> Loading section .text, size 0xf1ec lma 0x80010000
> Loading section .text.unlikely, size 0xd98 lma 0x8001f1ec
> Loading section .rodata, size 0x4170 lma 0x8001ff84
> Loading section .data, size 0x8 lma 0x800240f4
> Start address 0xf0000000, load size 147708
> Transfer rate: 319 KB/sec, 3787 bytes/write.

(gdb) monitor poll
> background polling: on
> TAP: am335x.dap (enabled)
> target state: halted
> target halted in ARM state due to debug-request, current mode: System
> cpsr: 0x6000019f pc: 0xf0000000
> MMU: disabled, D-Cache: disabled, I-Cache: disabled
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