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> I'm searching for some Informations about using the dde-kit. My
> goal is to use the SocketCan driver from Linux eith the l4re on an 
> ARM BeagleBone Black (Omap3x).

In that case you are looking for DDE/Linux. DDEKit provides a generic
layer for anything I/O related that you can use to either emulate a
different OS environment (DDE/*) or to write an L4Re driver.

DDE/Linux then provides an L4Re environment to run Linux drivers.
l4/pkg/dde in the L4Re repositories would be the starting point and
also contains examples.

The examples are x86 and Linux 2.6.29, though. There is no ARM port of

> The Manual at http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/ddekit/ did not work
> because of missing l4/sys/cache.h

The link is an implementation of DDEKit for Linux userspace, so it
won't help you with L4Re anyway.

> After some searching I discovered a copy of dde also in the fiasco 
> snapshot in l4/pkg/dde/ but have no idea of how to use it.
> I would be very helpfull to get some advice about usefull
> documentation or some hints about the usage of dde

The general approach is: take a Linux driver and link it against
libdde-linux & co as it is done by the examples in l4/pkg/dde as well
as l4/pkg/ankh. Again, all of those are a bit out-dated and do not
support ARM.

Regarding text documentation, please see the PDFs linked in the bottom
section of http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/ddekit/ .

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