I share a document to access HW on L4 Linux.

Yunchuan Geng yunchuan.geng at nomovok.com
Wed Aug 6 11:43:10 CEST 2014

hi, L4 hackers and Taeung,

I am a newbie of L4Linux ,and I appreciate you share 
The_Guide_to_access_HW_on_L4Linux_v1.0.pdf through the following thread.


I followed the guide to access my i2c HW on Freescale i.MX6 Quad SABRE 
SD board. Got some progress, but still I can not have
imx-i2c driver probe function called.

This is what I have achieved from the log.

The I2C device is registered to IO server
IO      | P6Device: l4linux ""
IO      |   P6Device: (noname) "L40009"
IO      |   P6Device: imx-i2c.dev "imx-i2c.2"
IO      | <0x145d0>    IOMEM   [000000021a8000-000000021a8fff 1000] 
non-pref (3)
IO      | <0x14628>    IRQ     [0000000000002e-0000000000002e 1] none 
(32bit) ()
IO      | Real Hardware -----------------------------------
IO      | P6Device: System Bus ""
IO      | Hw::Device[System Bus]
IO      |   P6Device: i2c "imx-i2c.2"
IO      |   Hw::Device[i2c]
IO      | <0x145d0>    IOMEM   [000000021a8000-000000021a8fff 1000] 
non-pref (3)
IO      | <0x14628>    IRQ     [0000000000002e-0000000000002e 1] none 
(32bit) ()

and the device is scaned by L4Linux

l4linux | Device scan:
l4linux |   Device: (noname)
l4linux |   Device: imx-i2c.dev
l4linux |     MEM: 021a8000 - 021a8fff
l4linux |     IRQ: 0000002e - 0000002e
l4linux | Device scan done.

This is what I have modified.
1. Modified mach_setup.c file and double check device name is identical 
to that defined. which is "imx-i2c".
2. Also checked argument in l4x_register_platform_device_callback() 
function are same as 'imx-i2c.dev', which mentioned on page 10 of the 
3. Added i2c driver ./l4linux/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-imx.c

Anything else I am missing?

I appreciate any help from you guys.


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