shared dataspace for l4re_kernel/ registering additional caps in ned

Stark, Josef j.stark at
Tue Aug 19 14:55:18 CEST 2014

>> in case anyone else is interested, here's what I found out so far:
>> So, as mentioned earlier, if ned wants to launch a certain task you specified,
>> ned does so indirectly by launching l4re and passing the name of the target binary to l4re,
>> so l4re is basically the "parent" of the target task.
>Parent maybe but not in the sense of a task because l4re runs in the
>very same task as the application.
>> As a parent, it seems that it receives all the capabilities you
>> specified in your lua config
>> for the target task, so doing IPC between l4re and _another_ task
>> seems much easier than expected.
>It's just because they share the same task.

That's actually good to know!

Out of curiosity: What exactly does l4re do,
or why doesn't ned start new tasks directly?


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