Checking executables before running them in L4re/fiasco

Masti Ramya Jayaram rmasti at
Sat Aug 30 16:02:41 CEST 2014

Dear all,

I am using fiasco/l4re to run applications (say hello world) and L4linux. The module list in the two cases looks like this:

entry hello-cfg
kernel fiasco -serial_esc -freq=533000
roottask moe rom/hello.cfg
module l4re
module ned
module hello.cfg
module hello

entry l4linux
kernel fiasco -serial_esc -freq=533000
roottask moe rom/l4linux.cfg
module l4re
module ned
module l4linux.cfg
module io
module vmlinuz
module ramdisk-x86.rd

I would like to add some functionality that performs a few checks on hello and vmlinuz before they are executed. In this context, I have the following questions:

a. Where is it best to implement such functionality - moe or ned? Or should I implement a separate server and do this?
b. I need access to an special range of  IO memory when I perform the checks. i guess I could always use the io module and do "l4io_request_iomem()" . Would that be the right way to do it from moe/ned?
c. Is there a way to allocate/reserve a dedicated range of physical memory to these applications (hello/vmlinuz) so that they get allocated the same chunk everytime (of physical memory)?

Thanks in advance,

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