Adding a custom library to l4/pkg/bootstrap

Jan Bierbaum jan.bierbaum at
Tue Sep 2 13:31:16 CEST 2014

On 02.09.2014 11:37, Masti Ramya Jayaram wrote:
> b. Modified the pkg/bootstrap/server/src/Make.rules so that it also
> looks for libscc-sec by:
> L4_LIBS          = -static -nostdlib $(DRV_LIBS) -lcxx_base -lcxx_io
> -llibscc-sec
> But on compiling, I get an error that says that -llibscc-sec not
> found
> The package is getting compiled and I can see the library
> libscc-sec.a in the build folder. What am I missing?
Use '-lscc-sec' instead of '-llibscc-sec' in 'L4_LIBS' ;-)

Quoting from the manpage of ld:
| -l namespec
|   Add the archive or object file specified by namespec to the list of
|   files to link.  This option may be used any number of times.  If
|   namespec is of the form :filename, ld will search the library path
|   for a file called filename, otherwise it will search the library path
|   for a file called libnamespec.a.

Regards, Jan

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