Compiling the Fiasco.OC +L4Re for Raspberry PI

Peter Hanzel hanzelpeter at
Wed Sep 3 20:16:51 CEST 2014

Hello. I have compiled it, but tried only in QEMU. If think there is
still need for driver for RPi framebuffer. And that's probably the
reason why nothing is changed on screen.

On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 7:15 PM, Waldo Paz Rodriguez <waldopaz at> wrote:
> hello hanzel,
> I have seen in l4hacker list that you have compiled fiasco.oc + l4re for
> Raspberry PI whithout problems. Iḿ trying to compile it for rpi. I
> follow the next steps>
> 1- Compile Fiasco.OC for Broadcom2835
> 2- Compile L4Re for RaspberryPI model B with MODULE_SEARCH_PATH pointing
> to FOC builddir
> 3- Generate the hello example ELF image
> I have transformed it into a binary using:
> /usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/genode-arm-objcopy -Obinary bootstrap.elf l4.img
> I have used the three elf image and have used to the linaro and genode
> toolchain (both). When I have put the binary on the PI only can see the
> colored screen. I am using the Fiasco.OC +L4Re from 2014022815 snapshot.
> I am doing something wrong?
> Can you help me?

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