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Fri Sep 12 13:06:04 CEST 2014

Hello again,

I've succeeded a bit since my original question, however it seems that I'm stuck at the same or a related problem I mentioned there.
I have not found a solution so far.
I'll try to explain it as short as possible:

In my lua config file, I create an IPC gate, and then launch my manager and a second ned instance, passing the IPC gate to both.
So now manager can send LUA commands through the IPC gate, which then ned executes. This works so far.

But I also want newly (through manager and second ned) created tasks (or its l4re thread) to be able to talk to manager. 
For this, I created a second IPC gate in the config and also passed it to manager and ned. Let's call it ipc_gate.
If, however, manager then issues e.g. the following LUA call (which creates the new task and passes the IPC-gate capability),
the new task is still not able to communicate with manager.
"hello = L4.default_loader:start( { caps = { ipc_gate = ipc_gate } }, "rom/hello");
I guess it's because it's another layer and second ned doesn't "know" about the IPC gate which is created
in the config file and thereby by first ned, even if I pass the capability to him.

So, is there any way to enable IPC communication between manager and new tasks created by the second ned?

I tried to illustrate it by making a small diagram (it the font messes it up, I've also attached a png image of it).
What I need is the ipc line between manager and hello to work.

                                       | (starts)
                                       | (executes and starts)

                              manager <--->ned
                                  ^   (ipc) |    
                                   \        |    
                              (ipc) \       | (starts)
                                     \      |    
                                      \     |    
                                        v   v    

Thanks in advance!

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