l4/sys/syscalls.h: No such file or directory

Valentin Hauner valentinhauner at gmx.de
Mon Sep 15 09:18:17 CEST 2014


On 09/15/2014 12:10 AM, Adam Lackorzynski wrote:
>                               l4_fpage(i, L4_LOG2_PAGESIZE, L4_FPAGE_RWX),
> A size needs to be specified for the fpage. And read-only will not be
> enough, as for example, the stack needs to be written by the thread
> functions.

Unfortunately, the issue is still the same.
I'm mapping everything from _stext & L4_PAGEMASK to _end & L4_PAGEMASK
after having mapped the pager to my new task, but each time one of my
created threads is still waiting for '1b'.
Besides, I'm getting a huge list of kernel warnings with the new
l4_fpage call that hasn't been there before. I've attached it to this mail.
So basically it's still the same code that I've sent you on September
5th, but in addition, there's the following loop beginning at line 57 in
lib/src/edft.c now:

> extern char _stext[];
> extern char _end[];
> for (unsigned long i = ((unsigned long)_stext & L4_PAGEMASK);
>         i < ((unsigned long)_end & L4_PAGEMASK);
>         i += L4_PAGESIZE)
> {
>    l4_task_map(task_cap, L4RE_THIS_TASK_CAP,
>                           l4_fpage(i, L4_LOG2_PAGESIZE, L4_FPAGE_RWX),
>                           l4_map_control(i, 0, L4_MAP_ITEM_MAP));
> }

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