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Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Sun Sep 28 23:56:35 CEST 2014

On Sun Sep 28, 2014 at 21:59:02 +0800, lwf408498027 wrote:
> I am learning the fiasco's source code recently, and I saw the doc in does not match with the code in l4re-snapshot-2014053111
> such as: 
> in class scheduler, there has some function:
> L4_msg_tag sys_run(L4_fpage::Rights, Syscall_frame *f, Utcb const *utcb);
> L4_msg_tag sys_idle_time(L4_fpage::Rights, Syscall_frame *f, Utcb *utcb);
> L4_msg_tag sys_info(L4_fpage::Rights, Syscall_frame *f, Utcb const *iutcb, Utcb *outcb);

This is Fiasco kernel code.

> but in the document, the function are not the same:
> l4_msgtag_t info (l4_umword_t *cpu_max, l4_sched_cpu_set_t *cpus, l4_utcb_t *utcb=l4_utcb()) const throw ()
> l4_msgtag_t run_thread (Cap< Thread > const &thread, l4_sched_param_t const &sp, l4_utcb_t *utcb=l4_utcb()) const throw ()
> l4_msgtag_t idle_time (l4_sched_cpu_set_t const &cpus, l4_utcb_t *utcb=l4_utcb()) const throw ()

This is user-level (pkg l4sys) code.

> So, Is this doc out of date? and if the answer is yes, where can i
> find some fresh doc? if no, How to use the doc correctly?

You're looking at different things. What the documentation contains is
the user-level interface, the interface one can program against (API).
The code you looked at is kernel code and that is not described in the

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