L4 Bootsrap Fiasco Addr

Wölfel, Tobias tobias.woelfel at tum.de
Tue Oct 7 15:29:24 CEST 2014

Hello All,

I am working on porting Fiasco.OC to openrisc (or1k), but are stucked at booting the kernel.
The problem is that the addr in boot_info.kernel_start is pointing to the beginning of the bootsrap, and therefore it will not start the kernel.
In startup.cc there is the mbi, mb_info and mb_mod, which I suppose is the place where the addr is coming from.
But where is it set exactly?

For or1k IMAGE_MODE is used.
The output of the bootstrapping is at the end.

Thanks a lot for the help,

  Loading fiasco
 boot_info.kernel_start 100
  Loading sigma0
  Loading foo
  find kernel info page...
  found kernel info page at 0x1103000
Regions of list 'regions'
    [      100,     1d403] {    1d304} Boot   bootstrap
    [    128ac,     1291e] {       73} Boot   mbi
    [    17000,     171ab] {      1ac} Root   Multiboot info
    [    1d058,     1d0af] {       58} Boot   mbi
    [   100000,    10c17b] {     c17c} Sigma0 sigma0
    [  1100000,   11001d3] {      1d4} Root   Module
    [  1103000,   1135fff] {    33000} Kern   fiasco
  API Version: (87) experimental
  Sigma0 config    ip:00100344 sp:0001b040
  Roottask config  ip:00000000 sp:00000000
  Starting kernel fiasco at 00000100
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