memcpy(): alignment error

ba_f ba_f at
Tue Oct 14 20:48:59 CEST 2014

Hello L4-Hackers,

i get an "alignment error" when trying to memcpy().

The error occurs in a raw L4-Task (how do u "officially" name that?), no 

However, the error comes with the following line:

memcpy(0x80006e80, 0x80006e84, 4);

And this is the message:

KERNEL0: alignment error at 80006ece (PC: 00079be8, SP: 80006b08, FSR: 
410801, PSR: 60000010)
No signal handler found

Any idea?

Thanks, again.

I don't know if the Fiasco Debugger would help for this problem, but i 
didn't have time to learn working with it, yet. Sorry for that.

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