is there a way to run the compiled arm on Nexus S ?

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Wed Oct 22 00:01:54 CEST 2014


On Tue Oct 21, 2014 at 18:10:46 +0200, cem akpolat wrote:
> I have compiled couple of days ago l4android for arm architecture, and now
> I want to boot it on Nexus S, however, I couldn't find a way to tun
> bootstrapLinuxAndroid.elf file on arm based architecture. I have already
> How could be l4android booted on the Nexus S?

I do not have particular experience with the Nexus S in this regard.
Typically, when doing such work, a working UART and/or JTAG interface is
essential to have. To get access to those, given they are accessible on
the PCB, one has to solder some cables or do similar things. The UART
can also be exposed via the USB port, typically using some special cable
which triggers this mode. With a working JTAG connection and setup one
can load the image into the device and also debug it from there
including getting UART-like messages. Without JTAG, loading the image
might be tricky, and cumbersome. Flashing via Download/Recovery mode is
one option, or having a boot loader on the device that can do USB (such
as u-boot). Now when there's code running, some device-specific drivers
are necessary, such as input (buttons, touch) and display. You're lucky
when the boot loader left the display and framebuffer logic intact so
you can just use it already properly configured. If not, there's some
more work to do. And then it goes on...

Using a dev-board is much more convenient here as it has far better
accessibility to debugging connectors and very likely a usable
boot-loader with regard to loading images (network, USB).

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