Need help profiling with Valgrind

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Sun Nov 9 21:59:54 CET 2014

Sorry for the mail before, this was a mistake.

Next try:

i run into an Error in my l4re-App.
Till now, i did printf()-Debugging, but it is at its limit in this case.

The Error message is the following:
> L4Re[rm]: unhandled write page fault @7ffff300 pc=15c7a8

However, with printf() i can't make it up to specific code.
But, there is a function with some if-else stuff, and if i comment some 
lines out, the Error doesnt appear. Funny, printf() tells me, that the 
commented code never executes. i.e. the else-part is never ever 
executed, but the program still fails when it is not commented out.

So, i'm not sure what to try next.
Does Valgrind work here?

And what about the Valgrind in the Snapshot?
It has some strange Makefile. Does this work for a ARM system?
> SYSTEMS = x86-l4f
> all::
>        if [ ! -e $(PKGDIR)/broken ]; then PWD=$(PWD)/build make -C 
> build; fi

Or can i run my bootstrap.raw on an standard ARM Linux?

Anything else to try besides Valgrind?


Am 2014-11-06 07:56, schrieb Björn Döbel:
> Dear Reinier,
> Am 05.11.2014 um 23:22 schrieb Reinier Millo Sánchez:
>> Hello Aaron
>> I'm working in a project to develop an embedded operating system for
>> real time purposes using Fiasco.OC as microkernel. I have reviewed you
>> article "Capability Wrangling Made Easy: Debugging on a Microkernel 
>> with
>> Valgrind". I'm interested to do son profiling tests with Fiasco.OC and
>> Linux Kernel, using Valgrind. Do you have ported Valgrind to the
>> Fiasco.OC microkernel interface? Is the port available?
> please let us use the l4-hackers mailing list for further discussion.
> Indeed we ported Valgrind to Fiasco.OC and L4Re. Its source code is
> available in the L4Re SVN in l4/pkg/valgrind. As you might have
> noticed, our paper was in 2010 and if I remember correctly, the
> Valgrind version in the repository was last updated around 2011. It
> might still work, but you may also encounter problems. Feel free to
> try this out and let us know about any questions you have.
> Apart from that there may be other ways of achieving your profiling
> needs on top of Fiasco.OC. What exactly would you want to do?
> Kind regards,
> Bjoern
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