Server loop does not call dispatch only when running in pthread

Tobias Sturm uxcnl at
Mon Nov 24 11:06:36 CET 2014


I want to have the loop() method of a Registry_server instance inside a
pthread. When the client sends messages, I get the IPC error 35 (could
not figure out what that error code means).

As soon as the loop() is invoked in my main thread, messages come
through. Here is some pseudo code:

start_thread() {
  //pack args
  int err = pthread_create(&my_thread, NULL, &thread_fn, &args);
  printf("pthread_create says %d", err);

thread_fn(args) {
  L4Re::Util::Registry_server<>* svr = args.server;
  server_obj* my_server = args.server_obj_instance;

  svr->registry()->register_obj(my_server, "foo");

class server_obj : public L4::Server_object {
    int dispatch( ... );

server_obj::dispatch(...) {
 //never called


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