Fail to run compiled ARM on Odroid Q2

Zachary czzcz at
Mon Dec 1 03:46:46 CET 2014


I want to use fastboot to run the Hello demo of Fiasco on Odroid-Q2 board[1].
However, I failed.

Firstly, I use 
    make fastboot_rawimage E=hello MODULE_SEARCH_PATH=...

The UART output is:

Starting download of 935936 bytes                                               
downloading of 935936 bytes finished                                            
Kernel size: 000e4000                                                           
Ramdisk size: 00000000                                                          
Booting raw image..                                                             
Boot with zImage                                                                
Wrong Ramdisk Image Format                                                      
[err] boot_get_ramdisk                                                          
Starting kernel ...                                                             
Hello from Startup::stage2                                                      
Per_cpu_data_alloc: (orig: 0xf0060ad0-0xf0061550)                               
Number of IRQs available at this GIC: 160                                       
FPU0: Arch: VFPv3(3), Part: VFPv3(30), r: 4, v: 9, i: 41, t: hard, p: dbl/sngl  
KERNEL: Warning: No page-fault handler for 0xee202108, error 0x94000848, pc f004

It is said the format is wrong, so I change to
   make fastboot_uimage E=hello MODULE_SEARCH_PATH=...

The UART output:

downloading of 937984 bytes finished                                            
Kernel size: 000e4040                                                           
Ramdisk size: 00000000                                                          
Booting kernel..                                                                
## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 40008000 ...                             
   Image Name:   L4 Image #4                                                    
   Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)                          
   Data Size:    933888 Bytes = 912 KiB                                         
   Load Address: 41000000                                                       
   Entry Point:  41000000                                                       
   Verifying Checksum ... OK                                                    
   Loading Kernel Image ... OK                                                  

And nothing happen. So what`s the problem?

Best Regards,


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