User-level objects

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On Sat Dec 06, 2014 at 22:24:20 +0800, li94575 wrote:
> As I know, we can set  access permissions for the kernel objects, and
> access to user-level objects is  through IPC_Gate.
> So, can I  set access permissions for user-level objects through the
> IPC_Gate?

Yes. This is done by giving the appropriate rights flags on mapping. In
Ned's scripting, there are those ':mode("...")' statements (typically
abbreviated with just ':m("...")' or just 'svr()' that define those
permissions. However, bits to be used by user-level implementations are
just the write bit.

> Another question is that If  multiple clients need to access a
> particular service object, do they use different IPC_Gate or the same?

Mostly the same IPC-gate but actually both is possible. The purpose of
the IPC-gate is not only to identify the server object but also to
identify the client, or at the least the group of clients. So if you
want to identify a specific client (or a specific group of clients) you
hand them a separate IPC gate. If the server does not care a single
IPC-gate will just be fine.

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