strange Bug

ba_f ba_f at
Fri Dec 12 19:32:39 CET 2014

Hello there,

i guess, it's solved.
I just looked at your very first answers, suggesting to increase the 

Don't know why it didn't work in the first place. Maybe, i placed the 
code at some stupid place...

Anyway, can you tell me what the default stack-size is? 32kB?


>> There are Library dependencies missing: libld-l4 lib4re-util
>> libuc_c lib4re libl4util libl4sys.
>> Although, the .a files exist.
> Can you please share the whole Makefile? These are very standard L4Re
> libraries and they are usually linked against all programs.

Ah, didn't know they are linked anyway.
So one must not list those on the REQUIRES_LIBS, then it works.

> Try
> { LD_DEBUG="all" }
> please.

Great, this works.


Now, this was fun...

Thanks for all the help and patience.

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