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sorry for the long wait.

On 08.12.2014 23:11, Stark, Josef wrote:
> I think that the client simply needs to be linked with
> "libl4revfs-fs-l4fs" and then do a mount call with "l4fs" as the fs type and
> the same mount path that the server uses (or use libmount accordingly).
yes, that should work.

> But I have no clue about the server. It most probably also needs to be
> linked with the respective library ("libfs-svr") but I think that's not 
> enough. I guess the messages explicitly must be forwarded to the
> target file system.
> If this is right, again I don't know how to do it,
> since the server (which mounts the tmpfs) receives VFS calls
> over IPC but has no direct access to the VFS "interface" of the tmpfs,
> only the standard (POSIX?) functions like fopen(), fclose(), fread() etc.
You still need a FUSE file system on top of tmpfs. During my Beleg I
also ported fuse-exfat (read: adjusted the Makefile to compile it). You
can find that here:

Inside the zip file you will also find an examples directory, which has
two example clients. These may help to clarify things.

> Also,
>> It exists in the internal tree, it was just never promoted to go public.
> does this mean that at one point there was a version
> of libfs that worked but wasn't continued and thus
> doesn't work on the current snapshot anymore,
> or is libfs still being maintained and just not present in the public tree?
It's just not present in the public tree.


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