Is anyone has experience with pandaboard omap4460?

Zachary czzcz at
Fri Dec 26 10:22:07 CET 2014


Alexander Tarasikov <alexander.tarasikov <at>> writes:
> Genode does have the framebuffer driver (which even supports DSI panels on 
phones and tablets), input and block driver and works very well. I had quite 
nice results running multiple instances of Android on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 
(omap4460) and Nook HD+ tablet (omap4470).

Thanks for your reply. 
I have brought a pandaboard, and run L4Linux on it perfectly. However, I don't 
know how to add the framebuffer driver on it. I am a rookie of it, and I am 
sorry for my rudeness, but can you give me some documents or a guide?
What' more, I am also interesting for your work to run mutiple instances of 
Android on omap4460.


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