Re: Is anyone has experience with pandaboard omap4460?

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> On 26.12.2014, at 10:22, Zachary <czzcz at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Alexander Tarasikov <alexander.tarasikov <at>> writes:
>> Genode does have the framebuffer driver (which even supports DSI panels on
> phones and tablets), input and block driver and works very well. I had quite
> nice results running multiple instances of Android on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus
> (omap4460) and Nook HD+ tablet (omap4470).
> Thanks for your reply.
> I have brought a pandaboard, and run L4Linux on it perfectly. However, I don't
> know how to add the framebuffer driver on it. I am a rookie of it, and I am
> sorry for my rudeness, but can you give me some documents or a guide?
> What' more, I am also interesting for your work to run mutiple instances of
> Android on omap4460.

On you will find the Omap4 reference manual. This contains all the bits and pieces you need. Writing a framebuffer driver for the Pandaboard includes multiple steps. First you need to power on all required subsystems (HDMI, display). Then you will need the GPIO subsystem to configure the involved components (e.g. DDC). Configuring the framebuffer itself consists of only a few steps, however they may be hard to grasp from the manual.


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