L4Android on Pandaboard

Lin yalinpei at 126.com
Sun Jan 4 13:05:40 CET 2015

Hi hackers,

I'm trying to get L4Android working on a PandaBoard ES(OMAP 4460). I managed
to run Fiasco and L4Linux successfully, but L4Android give me some error:

Welcome to Fiasco.OC (arm)!
L4/Fiasco.OC arm microkernel (C) 1998-2013 TU Dresden
Rev: unknown compiled with gcc 4.7.3 for Pandaboard    []
Build: #1 Tue Dec 23 16:44:35 CST 2014

Per_cpu_data_alloc: (orig: 0xf005e290-0xf005ec58)
Allocate 2504 bytes (2KB) for CPU[2] local storage (offset=118bd70,
Number of CPUs: 2
Calibrating timer loop... Per_cpu_data_alloc: (orig: 0xf005e290-0xf005ec58)
Allocate 2504 bytes (2KB) for CPU[1] local storage (offset=118dd70,
FPU1: Arch: VFPv3(3), Part: VFPv3(30), r: 4, v: 9, i: 41, t: hard, p: dbl/sngl
MDB: use page size: 20
Cache config: ON
MDB: use page size: 12
ID_PFR[01]:  00001231 00000011S ID_[DA]FR0: 00010444 00000000
IID_MMFR[04]: 00100103 20000000 01230000 00102111
GCPU[1]: goes to idle loop
MA0: Hello!
  KIP @ 80002000
  allocated 4KB for maintenance structures
SIGMA0: Dump of all resource maps
MOE: Hello world
MOE: found 928900 KByte free memory
MOE: found RAM from 80000000 to bc000000
MOE: allocated 960 KByte for the page array @0x80187000
MOE: virtual user address space [0-bfffffff]
MOE: rom name space cap -> [C:501000]
  BOOTFS: [81100000-81119458] [C:503000] l4re
  BOOTFS: [8111a000-8116cc04] [C:504000] ned
  BOOTFS: [8116d000-812bb454] [C:505000] io
  BOOTFS: [812bc000-81353c44] [C:506000] mag
  BOOTFS: [81354000-81375624] [C:507000] fb-drv
  BOOTFS: [81376000-81376666] [C:508000] l4_gingerbread-arm.cfg
  BOOTFS: [81377000-81377589] [C:509000] arm-rv-eb-mc.devs
  BOOTFS: [81378000-8137810a] [C:50a000] l4_android-arm.vbus
  BOOTFS: [81379000-8177247c] [C:50b000] l4linux.android-arm
  BOOTFS: [81773000-81873000] [C:50c000] root-arm-ginger.img
  BOOTFS: [81873000-8451c000] [C:50d000] system-arm-ginger.img
MOE: cmdline: moe rom/l4_gingerbread-arm.cfg
MOE: Starting: rom/ned rom/l4_gingerbread-arm.cfg
MOE: loading 'rom/ned'
Ned says: Hi World!
Ned: loading file: 'rom/l4_gingerbread-arm.cfg'
io      | Io service
io      | Ready. Waiting for request.
mag     | Hello from MAG
fb      | Using LCD driver: ARM AMBA PrimeCell 11x

Here is my modules.list file:

entry lx_ginger-arm
roottask moe rom/l4_gingerbread-arm.cfg
kernel fiasco -serial_esc
module l4re
module ned
module io
module mag
module fb-drv
module l4_gingerbread-arm.cfg   #from L4Android website
module arm-rv-eb-mc.devs   #from l4re-snapshot-2014092821/src/l4/pkg/io/config
module l4_android-arm.vbus  #from l4re-snapshot-2014092821/src/l4/pkg/io/config
module l4linux.android-arm
module root-arm-ginger.img
module system-arm-ginger.img

Any ideas on what's going wrong or next steps I can take to diagnose the
issue?  Thanks!

Best regards,

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