Problem with running client-server application in l4re

Gayathri Nagarajan gayathrinagarajan18 at
Tue Jan 13 08:23:56 CET 2015

I am able to generate "clntsrv.iso" image for the clntsrv application given
in l4/pkg/examples directory.

But when i execute in qemu, i get

* BOOTFS: [1418000-154fef5] [C:503000] l4re*
* BOOTFS: [1550000-162e6e6] [C:504000] clntsrv-client*
* BOOTFS: [162f000-1714483] [C:505000] clntsrv-server*
*No fpage received*
*MOE: cmdline: moe --init=rom/clntsrv-server*
*MOE: Starting: rom/clntsrv-server *
*MOE: loading 'rom/clntsrv-server'*
*Could not register my service, is there a 'calc_server' in the caps table?*
*MOE: task 1565571 exited with 1*

Please help...

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