Source Code of the Monitoring Frameworks FERRET and HAECER

Marcus Hähnel mhaehnel at
Tue Jan 13 09:54:16 CET 2015

Hi Karl,

the haecer library can be found here:

it requires another lib called libdebug that provides MSR access for the 
userland. This is purely a means of benchmarking and measurements as it 
severely breaks security of the system because MSR accesses are NOT 
filtered! The libdebug.tar.gz contains a kernel patch that needs to be 
applied for passing through MSRs.

Both packages have not been tested for quite some time and are likely 
not to compile. They may also kill your kitten. Please use at your own 

For interaction of haecer and ferret (which is optional) please refer to 
the lib/src/Makefile in haecer which contains the relevant define 
commented out.

Please not that while ferret is a generic monitoring framework haecer is 
especially geared towards simplified access to performance counters. It 
does not have the generic capabilities that ferret features.

I hope that this helps you!

Best regards,

- Marcus

On 2015-01-12 14:42, Karl Steger wrote:
> Hi L4 hackers,
> Would it be possible to make the source code of the monitoring
> frameworks FERRET
> [] and HAECER
> [] public?
> I would like to develop a generic monitoring framework with similar
> capabilities for L4Re.
> Even if the code was not up to date with the current release or still
> pertained to L4Env, it would help me greatly.
> Thanks and regards,
> Karl
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