libfs/ FUSE on L4Re

Stark, Josef j.stark at
Thu Jan 15 03:22:13 CET 2015


>sorry for the long wait.
No worries. I appreciate that you (and the other hackers) spend 
some of their spare time here helping people like me.
Didn't have much time myself lately anyway.

>I also ported fuse-exfat (read: adjusted the Makefile to compile it). You
>can find that here:
Thanks again.

However, I'm having some trouble preparing the basics:
(Both issues refer to your first answer and the archive you linked to there)

>In any case, you probably have to apply the patch files located in the
>doc/ directory of fuse-l4re to libfs. I dimly remember having some weird
>bugs without those.
The patches in the archive don't seem to be for the version of libfs
that is contained in it, as I cannot patch without errors.
(I managed, however, to compile it. See my last mail.
Not sure if it'd work though.)
So there seems to be at least one other version of libfs.
Could you possibly provide a more recent (best case: the most recent)
version of libfs?

I failed to compile fuse-l4re. I tried it in SVN revisions r44 and r54;
both revisions should be from about the time when you wrote your Beleg.
The error was always that sys/statvfs.h was missing.
When compiled with this workaround (
the compiler complains that some attribute of a struct is missing, so this
seems like the wrong way to go.
The strange thing is that statvfs.h is actually there, somewhere in uclibc
(src/l4/pkg/uclibc/lib/contrib/uclibc/include/sys/) but it's not copied
into the global include file directory of the L4Re build directory.
Did you back then change the config of uclibc and/or
L4Re to achieve a successful compilation?

Thank you in advance,

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