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Hi Jason,

On 15.01.2015 00:28, teclis High Elf wrote:
> If I create a new library is there a library include path in the 
> Fiasco/L4Re build system that I need to add my new library to
> before I can link to it?

L4Re uses pkgconfig for that.

Suppose you have a subdirectory in l4/pkg/foo and there is a libfoo.a
being built in l4/pkg/foo/lib. If you use the standard L4Re build
system (i.e., l4/mk/ for building libraries) then the build
system will generate a package config file foo.pc in $BUILD/pc
containing all the necessary linker options.

In the application that links against libfoo, you then simply add a


and the build system will then determine the linker flags using pkgconfig.

Other troubles with the library include path might arise if you do
out-of-tree builds, that is you have your pkg outside the L4 build
tree. In this case you might have to specify the linker flags
yourself. The build system allows you to do so using the LD_FLAGS
variable in the Makefiles.

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