Is anyone has experience with pandaboard omap4460?

Zachary czzcz at
Fri Jan 16 04:12:48 CET 2015

Matthias Lange <matthias.lange <at>> writes:

> On you will find the Omap4 reference manual. This contains 
all the bits and pieces you need.
> Writing a framebuffer driver for the Pandaboard includes multiple steps. 
First you need to power on all
> required subsystems (HDMI, display). Then you will need the GPIO subsystem 
to configure the involved
> components (e.g. DDC). Configuring the framebuffer itself consists of only a 
few steps, however they may
> be hard to grasp from the manual.

Thanks for yor reply!

Having searched information about the driver, I still didn't know where to add 
the driver, L4Re? L4Linux? 

Where should I put my drvier to? Are there exist examples of drivers I can 
refer to?


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