Bash-script with l4re-App

Björn Döbel doebel at
Sat Jan 17 14:42:43 CET 2015


> is it possible to run a bash-script within a l4re-App? Or do i need
> l4Linux for this.

To run the Bash script natively on L4Re you will require a console as 
well as a port of the Bash itself.

> Let me explain my problem:
> I have a l4re-App myServer.
> I'm testing myServer with another l4re-App, called myClient.
> Now, the legacy code provides a regression test, a bash-script setting
> evironment variables and starting programs. Some of the tests depend on
> each other. E.g. init_server(); calc();.
> What whould be the simplest way to run this script.
> Of course all test-programs can already IPC with myServer (by using a lib).

I think the easiest way would be to transform the test script into a Lua 
init script. Then you can run the different tests sequentially like this:

t1 = L4.default_ldr:startv(... test 1 setup...);

t2 = L4.default_ldr:startv(... test 2 setup ...);

-> the wait() calls in between make sure that each setup is run only 
after the previous one terminated.


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