Help in booting L4Linux(on Freescale i.MX6Q) using root file system on SD card.

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Tue Jan 27 05:47:25 CET 2015

Hi, l4 hackers

Is there anybody who can a bit give hints about SD card on L4 Linux to 
him ?

On 01/26/2015 09:10 PM, Praveen B wrote:
> Hi Taeung,
> Thank you very much.
> It is part of my Masters project.
> My project is to run L4Android using Genode( 
> <>) framework on Freescale i.MX6 board.
> But root filesystem has to be present on microSD Card. So I am trying 
> to enable SD card support for L4Linux right now.
> The guide describes how to enable Ethernet controller. Did you try to 
> enable SD card controller as well? Is it difficult than this?
Yes I tried to enable SD card. But I couldn't do it.
Because I didn't complete modifying 'mach_setup.c' in L4 linux to enable 
SD card.
> I have some doubts.
> How do I give names such as,
> NIC => new Device()      --name: NIC
> .hid = "imx6q-fec.0";       --imx6q-fec.0
> ""    
> Are they just arbitrary? Can I use any names of my choice if I want to 
> enable SD card support?

Yes, but the name have to make a pair with the name of argument for 
'l4x_register_platform_device_callback()' function.
but I'm not sure it.
> The guide still uses ramdisk and not some other rootfs, isn't it?
> Can I modify .cfg file so that I can boot from SD card 
> like(//dev/mmcblk1p1)?/
In my opinion, in order to enable SD card in L4 you have to do as below..

1. Register SD card in io server
2. Modify mach_setup.c for SD card
3. Modify SD card driver source code for L4 (if it is needed to enalbe 
SD card in L4)

For anything I know, three things is my thought.

Is there anybody who can a bit give hints to him ?

> Thank you again for creating such a good guide for beginners like me.

My pleasure, I had lots of help from l4-hackers.


> Regards
> Praveen
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 9:20 AM, taeung <treeze.taeung at 
> <mailto:treeze.taeung at>> wrote:
>     Hi Praveen :-)
>     Here it is
>     I'm sorry to be so late.
>     I forgot it.
>     Cheer up !
>     Would you mind if I ask you a question about working on L4 Linux ?
>     Is the project homework from your university ?
>     Thanks,
>     Taeung
>     On 01/23/2015 06:47 PM, Praveen B wrote:
>>     Hi Taeung,
>>     I'm a student, working on L4Linux as part of my project. I am
>>     using Freescale i.MX6Q board. I'm trying to boot using root
>>     filesystem on SD card. But could not understand, how I could do it.
>>     It seems(from l4-hackers mailing list) that you have already
>>     tried to boot L4Linux using a different root filesystem than
>>     ramdisk on freescale i.mx6q board.
>>     Could you help me in doing this?
>>     I've read your post,
>>     But I could not find the file,
>>     It gives 404 error. *It would be very helpful if you can provide
>>     this file.*
>>     Please send the file or give any suggestions how I can proceed.
>>     Thank you
>>     Praveen

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