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Hi Matthias,

I am creating a new kernel object and wanted to be able to send commands to
it directly from a ned script. I thought something like this was possible
because I saw in l4/pkg/ned/doc/ned.dox:

"The concrete behavior of
the object and the number of IPC gates required by a server depends on the
server implementation.  The channel can the be passed to client
applications as
well or can be used for operations within the script itself."

So it gave me the impression that an IPC gate can be used to send an io
stream directly from a ned script. Essentially I want to write something
similar to
 http://l4re.org/doc/examples_2clntsrv_2client_8cc-example.html except in a
ned script not in C++ and instead of an L4 server receiving the commands my
kernel object will receive the commands. I am running ned in interactive
mode so I wanted to use it like a basic command line interface to send
commands to kernel objects.

Perhaps a bit off topic but still relevant, I saw that dash is included in
the l4re source tree. Is it possible to run a dash shell directly as an
L4Re app with out L4Linux? If so are there instructions for doing so that
some one could point me to?

thank again L4 hackers for being generous with both your time and knowledge

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 3:10 AM, Matthias Lange <
matthias.lange at kernkonzept.com> wrote:

> On 01/27/2015 01:20 AM, teclis High Elf wrote:
> > Is there a way to send commands to the kinvoke method of a kobject from
> > a ned script? I saw in l4/pkg/ned/doc/ned.dox that an IPC gate can be
> > used to send an io stream directly from a ned script. Is there some lua
> > sample code I could look at that shows making a kinvoke call of a
> > kobject from a ned script?
> What do you want to do? In L4Re all system calls are run on an object.
> Depending on the type of object, the kinvoke method for that object is
> executed.
> And what do you mean with "sending an io stream directly from a ned
> script"?
> Matthias.
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