How to run an application on l4linux

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Mon Feb 9 09:01:12 CET 2015


On 02/07/2015 05:59 AM, Gayathri Nagarajan wrote:
> Many thanks for the l4 team in helping me resolve my errors.
> I have succesfully built fiasco.oc,l4re,l4linux
> I want to execute a  socket program(linux application) on l4linux or
> using l4linux.
> Hence, I am in need of step by step procedure for executing it. 
> Also, is there any links or reference pages regarding how to  use
> l4linux and how to run linux applications on l4linux?

There is nothing special or different compared to running applications
on native Linux. Write your application, compile it and copy it to your
ramdisk (or whatever filesystem your L4Linux has access to).


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