Mounting l4linux ramdisk

Matthias Lange matthias.lange at
Mon Feb 9 09:07:23 CET 2015


On 02/09/2015 06:35 AM, Harini Balachandran wrote:
> I am trying to execute a hello world application on l4 linux.I generated
> hello.ko file.What is the procedure to mount the l4linux ramdisk and how
> to copy my .ko file to it.

Are you sure that a kernel module is the right thing as a hello world

> I gave the following command on the l4linux command prompt.
> [root]# mkdir /mnt/rd
> [root]# mount /dev/ram0 /mnt/rd
> mount:mounting /dev/ram0 on /mnt/rd failed:no such file or directory.

Instead of /dev/ram0 you need to specify the file name of your ramdisk.
You also need to mount the ramdisk via a loopback device using '-o loop'.


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