How to run an application on l4linux

Björn Döbel doebel at
Mon Feb 9 13:50:24 CET 2015


> Do i have to generate kernel modules and copy to my ramdisk for
> executing any linux application on l4linux? Or is there any other method ?

No, you only have to generate kernel modules if you want to load them 
into the L4Linux kernel. If you simply want to run a Linux user 
application on top of L4Linux all you have to do is to make this program 
binary available to L4Linux, for instance by putting it onto the 
ramdisk. (You can mount the ramdisk with the -o loop option as Matthias 
already indicated.)

> Regarding building kernel modules, I did the following:
> I auto.conf file, I added CONFIG_L4_BLK_DS_DRV = y
> I generated hello.ko file. Also, in its Makefile i had given L4linux
> build directory path
> In l4linux.cfg file ,I added l4bdds.add=rom/hello.ko
> I did not copy the hello.ko file into my ramdisk-x86.rd.
> But when i booted my l4linux, I couldn't find l4bdds in dev directory.My
> command was
>   /# cat /dev/l4bdds
>   cat:can't open '/dev/l4bdds':No such file or directory

Do you see any messages regarding L4bdds during bootup?


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