Problem with executing a binary on l4linux

Marcus Hähnel mhaehnel at
Wed Feb 11 08:41:29 CET 2015

Hi Harini,

On 2015-02-11 07:49, Harini Balachandran wrote:
> We mounted the ramdisk and copied the binary to l4linux ramdisk but
> while executing on l4linux,
> /# cd tmp
> /tmp#./hello
> /bin/sh: ./hello : not found

I assume the `hello` binary is really there. One common other problem 
that leads to this error is that you do not have all the libraries 
required to run the program in your ramdisk. Please look (in you 
development machine) at the dependencies using ldd <binaryname> and copy 
them to the ramdisk. You should also see the missing dependencies marked 
in L4Linux by executing ldd there (assuming the command is available 
there) which should list some of the libraries as "missing" or "no 

Alternately you can also build your binary static and thus circumvent 
the problem.

Best regards,

- Marcus

> How do I execute my binary?
> Regards,
> Harini
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