Ram size of the arm images

cem akpolat akpolatcem at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 12:08:16 CET 2015


As you know there are many configuration file for arm boards under
l4re/mk/platforms folder. When we open one of them, vexpress, it contains
the following information:

PLATFORM_NAME        = "ARM Versatile Express"
PLATFORM_ARCH        = arm
PLATFORM_RAM_BASE    = 0x60000000

The interesting part here is the size of the RAM, because you cannot give
same size of the RAM when you compile the l4 lua configuration. In case you
give l4linux raises "memory cannot reach out of the ..." error. what is the
exact reason of that? is there any specific point where the ram size of arm
boards are static defined?

Thanks in advance,

Cem Akpolat
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