Problem with socket program on l4linux

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On 13.02.2015, at 12:22, Gayathri Nagarajan <gayathrinagarajan18 at> wrote:

> I have copied my binaries compiled statically to ramdisk for executing on l4linux.
> When I execute,
> //server side
> /tmp # ./server1
> Socket created 
> bind done
> Waiting for incoming connections....
> //client side
> /tmp # ./client1
> connect failed. Error: Network is unreachable
> But I have enabled the network support and drivers in L4Linux configuartion.
> Where will the .config file be located, so as to reconfirm if I have enabled correctly? I couldn't find it in l4linux build directory.
> Also, I executed packet sniffer on l4linux, which showed
> /tmp # ./simplesniffer eth0
> Opening device eth0
> ERROR: eth0: No such device exists (SIOCGIFHWADDR:No such device)

This error is exactly telling you what is wrong. There is no eth0 device. Just compiling drivers into L4Linux doesn’t magically gives you an ethernet device (like it is the case for native Linux). You will need to give L4Linux access to a corresponding hardware device.

I recommend trying your application with the local loopback device first. You can even do that on your host Linux first before moving on to L4Linux.


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