Ram size of the arm images

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> Hi,
> As you know there are many configuration file for arm boards under l4re/mk/platforms folder. When we open one of them, vexpress, it contains the following information:
> PLATFORM_NAME        = "ARM Versatile Express"
> PLATFORM_ARCH        = arm
> PLATFORM_RAM_BASE    = 0x60000000
> The interesting part here is the size of the RAM, because you cannot give same size of the RAM when you compile the l4 lua configuration. In case you give l4linux raises "memory cannot reach out of the ..." error. what is the exact reason of that? is there any specific point where the ram size of arm boards are static defined?

Usually ARM platforms only have a fixed amount of RAM installed and no (real) dynamic way of determining the amount during startup. In case of the mentioned board and Qemu you can increase the amount of RAM “seen” by l4re by overriding the RAM_SIZE_MB variable. Then you can start Qemu with ‘-m SIZE’ to have more RAM available.


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