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On 02/26/2015 02:11 PM, Harini Balachandran wrote:
> For getting ethernet on l4linux, what are the packages and network 
> elements I should copy to ramdisk?
> As of now, my ramdisk has only the basic programs.I got this from l4re 
> snapshot ie ramdisk-x86.rd.I have copied my target application 
> program(compiled statically) alone to this ramdisk additionally.
> I tired copying /proc,/sys and /etc from ubuntu but the size goes 
> beyond 1.5 GB.What are the essential packages for getting ethernet on 
> l4linux?
> Thank you.
  Files in /proc and /sys aren't general files.
They are a virtual filesystem provided by Linux.
sysfs is
procfs is

So, it isn't needed that you copy them to ramdisk.
But if procfs isn't mounted , you can manually mount procfs.
For example
$ mount -t proc proc proc/
$ mount -t sysfs sys sys/

And the ramdisk already has enough packages and files to connect network.
Important thing is to successfully load ethernet driver on L4/L4linux 
If you succeed in working ethernet driver, you can use commands 'ifup' 
and 'ifdown','ifconfig' to connect network.
And you can check whether ethernet driver is loaded or not if you do 
'dmesg | grep ethernet'.


> Regards,
> Harini

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