no such object found: rom/l4re backtrace

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Tue Mar 3 08:52:59 CET 2015

Hi, i have build the l4re,l4linux,fiasco for x86 successfully. when i boot try to boot l4linux, an error came out:
FATAL exception in MOE:
Exception: No such object found: rom/l4re: backtrace ...

i use the vmware and ubuntu 14.04 to test the l4linux, here is the steps how i do my job:
1.create a directory 'l4linux' in /boot.
2.copy the bootstrap to '/boot/l4linux' from 'l4re_build/bin/x86_586'
3.copy all the file to '/boot/l4linux' in  'l4re_build/bin/x86_586/l4f'
4.copy the fiasco to '/boot/l4linux'  from 'fiasco_build/bin'
5.copy the vmlinuz to '/boot/l4linux' form 'l4linux_build' the drops-rd.rd to '/boot/l4linux'
7.create the l4linux.cfg in '/boot/l4linux'
8.create the modules.list in '/boot/l4linux'

the 'modules.list' is like this:
entry L4Linux
kernel fiasco -serial_esc
roottask moe rom/l4linux.cfg
module l4linux.cfg
module l4re
module ned
module vmlinuz
module drops-rd.rd

the 'l4linux.cfg' is like this:
L4.default_loader:start({}, "rom/vmlinuz mem=64M console=ttyLv0 l4x_rd=rom/drops-rd.rd root=1:0 ramdisk_size=4000 init=/bin/sh");

9.modify the grub.cfg, add the following lines:
menuentry 'L4Linux' {
    multiboot /boot/l4linux/bootstrap -modaddr 0x02000000
    module /boot/l4linux/fiasco -serial_esc
    module /boot/l4linux/sigma0
    module /boot/l4linux/moe rom/l4linux.cfg
    module /boot/l4linux/l4linux.cfg
    module /boot/l4linux/l4re
    module /boot/l4linux/ned
    module /boot/l4linux/vmlinuz

after this job is done. i reboot the system. the error came out.

please give me some help to sovle the problem. thanks.
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