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On Thu Mar 05, 2015 at 14:45:13 +0000, André Bispo wrote:
> I'm a student and i'm looking at the possibility of using an L4 microkernel in my thesis, my goal is to take advantage of isolation mechanism to in order to increase privacy in databases. But i have a couple of questions. 
> 1) How feasible is the idea of having a MySQL database with a libOS running on top of seL4 microkernel?  If it can be done, where should i start? Any tutorial?
> 2) if seL4 does not allow me to do it, is there another microkernel in the family of L4 better suited for this task?

I think your seL4 question has already been answered elsewhere.
How do you think to improve isolation when just running mysql on another
kernel? What's the thing you want to do differently?

As an idea, in L4Re there's l4/pkg/sqlite, maybe wrapping around a
server could provide something useful.

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