ARM with Qemu

Nicolas VARONA nvarona at
Wed Mar 11 15:59:09 CET 2015

Hi Adam, 

>  It segfaults when executing init. One common reason is that VFP
support is missing in Linux. Strike?

Sorry for answering so late, but I am still looking if it's a problem of
the board's hardware configuration. Nonetheless, when I told you the
panic, I had already enabled the VFP this way:
# At least one emulation must be selected
# CONFIG_FPE_NWFPE_XP is not set
# CONFIG_KERNEL_MODE_NEON is not set (no change even if it's set or not)
Is that correct or do I forget something? I am wondering something: Does
l4linux automatically enable FPU on the board's boot when it's enabled
in the l4linux configuration? 

> I think I found it. A hacky fix/workaround is to add the following
line to >the beginning of >out_char() in src/lib/uart/
>     _regs->write<unsigned>(ISR, IXR_RXOVR);

Thanks for your help and great work! This was the problem. I have added
the line and compiled the Fiasco: 
Ned says: Hi World!
Ned: loading file: 'rom/hello.cfg'
Press some key: l
Your input: l (108)
Enter a number: 
Your number is: 4

The l4 bare metal application works. Nonetheless I tried to compile the
l4linux with the change in the fiasco and I have still no input in Qemu.
Is it the same issue for l4linux?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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