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> I am interested in Checkpoint/Restore-functionality on L4Re. I
> found the paper "Stay Strong, Stay Safe – Enhancing Reliability of
> a Secure Operating System"
> (,
> where it is written that such a mechanism was already developed for
> L4Re. However, I couldn't find such a thing inside the L4Re
> snapshot. Could someone tell me what the current state of this is,

This work was done by Dirk Vogt as part of his Diploma Thesis back in
2009. I have a tarball of his code, which applies to the 2009 version
of L4Re. It has not been incorporated into the main branch.

> and where to find it (if it's publicly available)?

If Dirk (cc) agrees I can of course send you the tarball. I expect it
to be not much worth for you given its ... maturity. ;)

Tobias (other cc) and a student have worked on checkpoint/rollback
more recently and might also have something to say about this.

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