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To directly answer your question: most people here use either vim or

In general, you can work on Fiasco code with any editor you want.
There are two things you need to be aware of:

1. As this is a non-standard project, you will have to configure your
   editor to find the proper header files for code completion. There
   are a couple of examples on how to setup this for L4Re here: -- you will have to adapt this for

2. Fiasco uses a preprocessing step, that is the source code contains
   non-C++ features (such as the EXTENSION thing in your example)
   and that will let some parsers choke. To understand what the
   preprocessor does and what these non-standard features mean, please
   check the preprocess documentation in l4/tool/preprocess.


On 19.03.2015 03:27, cui.yunfeng at wrote:
> I am reading Fiasco.OC source code, but didn't find a suitable
> editor. As the following code, the eclipse or Source Insight can't
> identify the class hierarchy. I want to know which editor is used
> by Fiasco.OC developer, Thanks !
> class Kernel_uart { public:
> };
> ....
> EXTENSION class Kernel_uart : public Uart { private:
> };
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