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Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Sun Mar 22 23:13:35 CET 2015


On Fri Mar 20, 2015 at 11:27:47 +0100, Nicolas VARONA wrote:
> >Ok. Lets look deeper. [...] What do we see?
> I have done the test on both the board and Qemu.
> On Qemu, I can see those lines:
> vcpu: 003e exc #11 err=44000000 pc=132cd8 sp=bfbb9c88 state=2f task         1781

Ok, a syscall, fine.

> On the Board I have those:
> vcpu: 003e pf  pc=fb86c pfa=bf5b3030 err=90000007 state=2f task=D:4           30

A page-fault above the current stack, so that will probably be the cause
for the segfault. Does this always happen in this way?

> vcpu: 003e ret pc=fb850 sp=bf5b2ee8 state=2f task=D:44                        29

Now why. I tried my parallella and it works fine for me. What's your

> [...]
> >Hmm, maybe lets first look at the segfault, maybe it's related but probably not.
> It's strange because all seem to be well enabled and I have the same segfault. I give you the output with the configuration file we tested last time:

On the key issue, you have the -serial_esc option too?
For some debugging, you could add a printf to Vkey::trigger() in
src/kern/vkey.cpp and see if it prints or not.

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