L4 and Lua interaction

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On 03/27/2015 04:17 PM, daniel krefft wrote:
> Hi there,
> please can you give us a short overview about the L4 and Lua
> interaction/integration?

Lua is used for configuration of initial capabilities and application
startup. This is done by ned which has the Lua interpreter integrated.
Ned provides Lua bindings to do its task. Look out for the lua*.cc files.

> The most important aspect is to understand how Lua-Scripts are used to
> create/manage the VBus. In particular from which module/component are
> the Lua-Scripts read/processed (NED, SIGMA0)?

Lua scripts to create and manage vbusses are interpreted by the io
component. Here Lua is used to create objects in io.

> We found an example about Ankh (ankh.vbus, aw.lua, lwip.lua). Maybe it
> is possible to exemplify it via Ankh.

The first one actually is not a Lua script. The public version of io
supports Lua as well as the custom configuration syntax used in
ankh.vbus. However this syntax is deprecated. What happens here is, that
a new vbus "ankh" is created and virtual PCI devices that match physical
PCI network cards are assigned to this vbus.

lwip.lua is a script interpreted by ned to configure a setup with lwip.


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