Question about L4/Fiasco running the kernel with interrupts disable

cui.yunfeng at cui.yunfeng at
Wed Apr 8 08:12:09 CEST 2015

Hi all,
I have read the wikipedia website of L4 kernel(, it says that  L4/Fiasco was designed "fully preemptible to achieve a low interrupt latency " at first, however "the complexities of a fully preemptible design resulted in later versions of Fiasco to return to the traditional L4 approach of running the kernel with interrupts disabled ".
I am very interested in the kernel's interrupt latency. I have check the latest versions of Fiasco kernel in running, and it keeps interrupts disabled indeed.
So I wonder whether there was any early version of L4/Fiasco which supported fully preemptible?
Or was there any article talked about this ?


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