Using a second UART to control a serial device

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Sun May 3 23:48:34 CEST 2015


On Wed Apr 29, 2015 at 13:35:29 +0200, Pflaum, Clemens wrote:
> >Is there any documented difference between UART0 and UART3?
> at page
> 645 says uart3 is the same as uart0 apart from it having
> two extra data flow control signals(RTS and CTS). But they should be
> deactivated since i wrote 0 to the MCR register.
> Nevertheless I tried out all the different UARTS (0-7) and noticed that i
> cant access any of the registers on UART4-7 which have only RX and TX like
> UART0.

How does the 'no access' show? J12 is described as having UART7 so I'd
assume the UART is there. (UART4 starts on a new page, you have mapped
that too?)

> On UARTS1-3 I can access the registers but get the same wierd error as soon
> as I try to change the LCR register to access the BRD_LOW and _HIGH
> registers.
> Obviously I get an IRQ error if I use UART0 since IRQ 33 is already taken,
> but i can still read and write to the registers and get the same error as
> with UART1-3.
> >I wonder why changing values in the MMIO of UART3 should affect UART0.
> This was just my assumption at what could cause the console to crash. In
> theory ofcourse it shouldnt affect UART0. I just cant think of any other
> possible cause.
> Any Ideas?

Hmm, does it work with on Linux, i.e. it's not something

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