Fiasco.OC-UX and recent Linux kernels

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon May 11 11:38:42 CEST 2015


I have been experimenting a little with L4/Fiasco.OC and have been trying to 
gradually build up my skills by looking at Fiasco.OC-UX. However, there are a 
few things that aren't really very clear to me from looking at the 

Looking at the L4Re and Fiasco documentation, it appears that I first build 
L4Re normally...

...and then I need to build Fiasco.OC...

...but indicating the "Linux Usermode Platform" in the "Platform" section of 
the "Target configuration" when doing "make config".

The documentation mentions doing "make ux E=hello", but I found that a 
MODULE_SEARCH_PATH was required. Otherwise, the Makefile directs a script to 
look in directories of the L4Re build hierarchy that don't exist...

Having got this far, running "make ux" with the necessary options gave me the 
following error:

openpty: No such file or directory
Problems setting up timer interrupt!

I did start to wonder whether there might be permission issues, whether the UX 
mode is no longer supported, or whether it isn't supported on Linux 3.x 
kernels. (I use User Mode Linux a lot and never have to do so as a privileged 
user, by the way.) The documentation seems to indicate that a 2.6 kernel is 

...which probably few people run on a desktop or laptop any more, but for the 
record I am using the 32-bit x86 architecture and not amd64/x86-64, and my 
distribution is Debian Wheezy.

Am I trying something which I shouldn't expect to work? A perusal of the 
mailing list archives didn't really provide any obvious answers.

Thanks for any help in advance,


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