anything wrong when call Thread::do_ipc?

watermirror 357836635 at
Tue May 12 08:46:55 CEST 2015

in the Thread_object::invoke, it call Thread::do_ipc like this:

      ct->do_ipc(f->tag(), partner, partner, have_rcv, sender,
                 f->timeout(), f, rights);

the second parameter's type is Thread*.

but the Thread::do_ipc's implemention is like this:

Thread::do_ipc(L4_msg_tag const &tag, bool have_send, Thread *partner,
               bool have_receive, Sender *sender,
               L4_timeout_pair t, Syscall_frame *regs,
               L4_fpage::Rights rights)

the second parameter's type is bool.

is there anything wrong with the code, or i have make some mistakes?
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